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Specification:Dimension: W6 x D4.5 x H14cm Weight: about 90g Main Material: ABS Power consumption: 1.5W Accessories: suction cup Working time: every 10 minutes auto turnoff How to use:It would be bett… Read more…

What causes pimples and how long does it take for them to form are good questions. The answers are a bit confusing as till date science has not been able to pinpoint at the clear reasons for the formation of acne. Still, the conclusion that has been reached in this regard is that the oil glands in the skin that secrete oil cause these pustules.
These glands become larger at the time of puberty making it obvious why teenagers struggle against acne the most.Are you also troubled by pimples or have just got a teenie-weenie one yourself. A single zit or many zits are all acne. Either way, whether young or old- who in the whole wide world would ever want a pimple?
It is an embarrassment and makes your self-esteem take a nose dive. You might have already asked around to know how long it takes pimples to form. If you have, it is good, for the more information you have at hand about acne, the better prepared you would be to effectively treat them and prevent new ones from forming.

Their Root CausePimples start out in the hair follicles more than 2 weeks before you can even see them. So once you know you are getting one or more, you should immediately start off a preventive treatment regime.To understand how long it takes these annoying blemishes to form, you have to first understand how pimples relate to hair follicles. Hair follicles contain oil glands that contain a substance called as sebum.

This sebum after being formed in the hair follicle slowly travels its way upwards towards the surface of the skin. Hormones that are released in the body all along play a vital role in deciding how much sebum will be produced by your sebaceous glands.The hormone Androgen and Progesterone trigger excessive production of sebum in both men and women and those who have high levels of these hormones have acne prone skin. Sebum en-route to its way to the skin surface picks up dirt and debris as it gets nearer to the surface.

Then it goes and blocks the skin pores, clogging the hair follicles. Bacteria attack the skin when it is clogged by sebum or perspiration. This bacteria scientifically known as P. acnes live on your skin and turns into a malicious harmful agent of acne, thriving and growing in the clogged hair follicles.All this takes anything from 2-4 weeks, ample time for you to take action rather than grieve over your wrecked skin condition.Types And CausesAcne comes in various forms and the most common ones are blackheads and whiteheads.

These are harmless non-inflammatory acne but make the face quite unsightly.Now if bacterium infects a whitehead, a papule or pustule- a pimple forms. Such acne is inflammatory by nature and can be from mild to severe in nature.
In very severe cases of acne, cysts and nodules develop, rupture and spread infection thereby causing permanent scars.

Everyone secretes oil from their glands but unfortunately some secrete it more than others. Genetics plays havoc here and so does pregnancy and other hormonal fluctuations in the body. All cause acne. Other modern day factors like stress, pollution and changing diet are also causes of pimples.

The dead cells on the skin that seem harmless enough can also clog the hair follicles and because a cause for distress- pimples.Basically, there is no single reason for acne and no fixed time for acne to form. Pimples are formed by a number of reasons and the time that they take to form also varies from person to person. You can fight the problem of acne right at its initial stage with proper care.

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