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In order to find the right treatment for acne, one must first understand the causes of acne.Acne, the skin disease characterized by inflammation of the skin and formation of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples, usually forms on the face, neck, chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms.

These parts of the body are highly susceptible to acne because they have the highest concentrations of sebaceous glands. When these sebaceous glands are stimulated by a hormone called androgen, these glands go into hyper mode and start producing excess oil (sebum).

The excess oil is supposed to be expelled through the skin’s pores but sometimes, pores can be blocked by hair follicles, dead skin, and other debris. This debris, combined with the excess oil, can further block skin pores and consequently cause acne.

Here is a list of the top 10 causes of acne. These may not directly cause acne but they can definitely make acne a lot worse. By identifying and eliminating the causes of acne, finding the right treatment for acne should be much easier.

1. Hormones – As previously mentioned, the hormone androgen is what causes the sebaceous glands to excessively produce sebum. Boys and girls of puberty age undergoing a dramatic change in their hormonal levels also experience an increase in production of androgen thus making them very acne prone.

2. Diet – While studies show that there is no direct correlation between eating greasy foods and acne, a diet that is high in sugary, fried, and processed foods can definitely make acne worse by disrupting the body’s system.

3. Stress – Stress causes the body to produce certain hormones and increases the levels of harmful toxins in the body that can aggravate acne.

4. Medications – Some medications that contain drugs like Bromides, Lithium, Corticosteroids, and etc. have been proven to stimulate acne. Do not take medications containing these drugs simultaneously with a treatment for acne.

5. Clothing – Articles of clothing like tight-fitting hats, restricting helmets, heavy bag straps, and tight shirt collars can put pressure on the skin and cause friction. Clothes that are made out of materials that do not allow the skin to breathe can also cause acne.

6. Rough Handling of the Skin – Scrubbing, picking, squeezing, pricking, and any other rough handling of the skin does not clear out acne but worsens it.

7. Environmental Factors – Pollution, humidity, and the sun can all affect the skin negatively and provoke an acne problem.

8. Genes – Acne can be hereditary. A child whose parents have acne is more likely to be affected by acne also.

9. Make-up – Some make-ups, especially oil-based cosmetics, can clog pores and make acne worse. Nowadays, there are cosmetics that double as a treatment for acne.

10. The Pill – The Pill interferes with the body’s hormones. Someone who is taking or stopping birth control pills may experience an acne problem.These are top 10 causes of acne. Let this list be an aid in your quest of finding the right treatment for acne.

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