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One time or another, acne affects women. Some women may get the occasional pimple due to everyday stress while some experience breakout days before their menstruation.

Though acne usually develops during adolescence in which the body experiences a lot of hormonal changes, acne can still develop in young-adult years. Women react more negatively towards pimples than men, and older women even more than teenage girls.

What these women should keep in mind is that there are actually ways to treat acne and getting frustrated is not one of them! So we should first look into the main causes of acne before we know how to treat the problems.

How acne developsThe skin is composed of oil glands that secrete sebum. The sebum is a substance that serves as a moisturizer, skin enhancer and a protection. A large proportion of the oil glands are found on the nose, forehead and cheeks and back; hence, the reason why we commonly see acne formed in these areas.

Though oil may be a cause of acne, there is no solid finding yet to point out the real cause of acne. It is suspected that hormones causes increases sebum production, but at the same time, causes blockage of the pores – the sebum outlets. Blockages results to the building up of oil within the pore, forming spots known as blackheads or whiteheads. Zits appear as a result of pore infection.

The reddish color around the infected area is a natural immunity reaction of the body against bacteria.Acne-prone skin is believed to be genetic – with some skin type really more prone to acne formation.Depending on a person’s skin type, acne can be aggravated by:1 – Cosmetic and hair products
2 – Form of clothing that retains moisture
3 – Regular brushing of hair on the face, neck and back
4 – Sleeping with wet hairThough diet has not been 100% proven to be related to acne, it has been observed by some people that certain food type causes the flaring of acne. These food types should be avoided.

How to treat acneAcne can be reduced through therapy. This therapy can also improve the skin’s appearance and lessen the risk of developing scars. Acne treatments can be a facial cleanser, a cream or an antibiotic substance. Hormonal pills may be suited for some instances. Also, spots from acne can be erased through exfoliating creams or laser treatments. However, it is best to consult a dermatologist first with regard to which treatment to use.

Remember, the key to success is the full compliance to a treatment program!

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